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Sand & Rhythm

Sand & Rhythm

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Here is an explanation of each BPM pace:Introducing "Sand & Surf Rhythm"

Our music collection is categorized based on Beats Per Minute (BPM), ensuring that your rhythm aligns seamlessly with your stride. Choose your pace now, and let the rhythm guide your stride.

 Experience a range of tempos, from a comfortable 12-minute mile pace at 130 BPM to an invigorating 6-minute mile pace at 200 BPM.

As you traverse the sandy terrain, the track envelops you in the soothing sounds of the beach: the gentle lapping of waves against the shore, the soft caress of sand underfoot, and the subtle whispers of coastal breezes.

Your footsteps blend seamlessly with these natural elements, creating a medley that speaks to the unity between your body and the world around you.

Below is a description of each BMP pace

🏃 130 BPM: Enjoy a relaxed 12-minute mile pace (5.00 mph) as you kickstart your journey with a steady rhythm that sets the tone for a comfortable jog.

🏃 140 BPM: Maintain a consistent 11-minute mile pace (5.45 mph) as you groove to the beat and find your rhythm.

🏃 150 BPM: Embrace the lively tempo of a 10-minute mile (6.00 mph) for a moderate yet spirited run or even interval training.

🏃 160 BPM: Experience an energetic 9-minute mile pace (6.67 mph) that keeps you moving steadily.

🏃 170 BPM: Sprint forward with an 8-minute mile (7.50 mph) pace, embracing bursts of speed and high-intensity intervals.

🏃 180 BPM: Ignite your speed with a 7-minute mile (8.57 mph) pace, ideal for sprints and heart-pounding cardio.

🏃 190 BPM: Feel the rush of a 6.5-minute mile (9.23 mph) pace, driving you to quick intervals and intense training.

🏃 200 BPM: Sprint at a 6-minute mile (10.00 mph) pace, leaving it all on the track with intense, all-out effort.

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