Collection: Running

Discover the perfect running companion - soundtracks that sync seamlessly with every step you take. Whether you're looking for music that aligns with your cadence or tunes that motivate you to keep pushing forward, our collection has it all.

Experience a diverse range of tempos, catering to various running paces. Settle into a comfortable 12-minute mile with tracks set at 130 BPM, or kick it up a notch and feel the adrenaline surge as you sprint at a thrilling 6-minute mile pace with heart-pounding beats reaching 200 BPM. Let the music be your guide and your source of inspiration as you conquer your runs. 

We here at TempoFx can also create custom-composed soundtracks tailored to each BPM range, ensuring your running experience is motivating and enjoyable.

Select Your Perfect Running Tempo: What's your pace?

Elevate your running experience by picking the ideal song to match your pace! Our music collection is categorized based on Beats Per Minute (BPM), ensuring that your rhythm aligns seamlessly with your stride.